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Steven Jimenez, Creator and Founder of Sun Skin

“Sunskin” was inspired by Steven Jimenez to not only explore the material world through art and clothing, but through the spirit within as well. The “Sun” in “Sunskin” represents illumination while the “Skin” in “Sunskin” represents what we all wear to express the possibilities of life. We encourage everybody to pass on their unique individual expression to help co-create the oneness we call life.

The mission objective is to spread awareness through our material by creating and designing our products with a conscious and higher understanding in mind.

El objetivo de la misión es difundir la conciencia a través de nuestro material creando y diseñando nuestros productos con una comprensión consciente y superior en mente.


هدف المهمة هو نشر الوعي من خلال المواد لدينا من خلال خلق وتصميم منتجاتنا مع تفهم واعية وأعلى في الاعتبار.

L’objectif de la mission est de sensibiliser à travers notre matériel en créant et en concevant nos produits avec une compréhension consciente et supérieure.


L’obiettivo della missione è diffondere la consapevolezza attraverso il nostro materiale creando e progettando i nostri prodotti con una consapevolezza consapevole e superiore in mente.